I needed a new phone and chose the OnePlus McLaren because it supported T-Mobile’s new 5G network. I didn’t expect a lot because the term 5G doesn’t really guarantee anything, but I wanted to try it. I got my new phone a few days after T-Mobile flipped the switch on 5G and it was active […]

I’m cell phone crazy and went extra crazy this Christmas. I bought my daughter an iPhone 11 Pro and the OnePlus McLaren Edition for me. Because I have two extra free T-Mobile lines and a cloned SIM (intended for a smart watch), I like to have extra phones. I use my old phones as spare […]

Package thieves (AKA “porch pirates”) have become a huge problem because of the ease of theft. Many criminals don’t care about cameras because here in California theft is barely illegal… I like to shop on Amazon, so I was eager to try their Amazon Key indoor delivery. I first purchased the Amazon Key system with […]

I needed to replace my Pixel 2XL and I was really interested in T-Mobile’s new 5G service. I didn’t think their 5G was going to be revolutionary, but I wanted the extended range. I decided to go with the OnePlus McLaren and got it a few days after it was released. My first impression of […]

I love backpacks and have many more than I need. I have backpacks that are too big, too small, or too tactical looking. My goal has to been find a backpack I can use for airline carry on, daily carry for my workout clothes, and be able to stand up to hard use as needed […]

I am often asked about what type of laptop to get. I recycled my post from 2018 since it was still relevant. Here are my recommendations in simple terms. Apple MacBook Laptops If you do need Windows only programs and want a laptop that may last many, many years, look at MacBooks. You will spend […]

I wasn’t naive and knew for many years that Google Search was too restrictive. I was aware Google wouldn’t show some search results because others didn’t want people to see them. For example, let’s say you wanted to know how to copy television episodes from a Blu-ray. You might have a hard time finding good […]

What do you do when you have surgery and weeks of recovery with one arm out of commission? Start a tech project! This was not going to be easy and I could only spend short periods of time working on the project. I had sixteen WD Red drives in 3TB, 4TB, and 6TB capacities that […]

I must admit that I’m a backpack hoarder, some of which have never been used. I love the utility of military style backpacks because they are durable and offer a lot of options for accessories, but I don’t care for is the ready for combat appearance. I had a vacation coming up and I wanted […]

A friend and I use MultiPar to create recovery files for data to be backed up online. I found the process inefficient because I was not able to select a batch of files in a directory and have recovery files for each individual file. Doing that resulted in recovery files for all of the files […]