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Gmail Email Headers

View the email in a web browser, select the down arrow to the right of the date received, and select Show original. You will have a new tab with the email header. The example below is just a portion of a header. To copy the header: click on the text, select Ctrl+A to select all […]

Greenshot – Great [Free] Screenshot Utility

Greenshot is a great [and free] screenshot utility. What I really like about this program is it will name the screenshot after the window that is captured. I was testing the program HDD Low Level Format Tool and took a screenshot, which resulted in “2015-09-03 14_41_10-Device Selection – HDD Low Level Format Tool 4.40 Home License.png.” […]

Backup Your Data

I often see people after disaster strikes and most knew they should have been backing up their data. I have been successful in most data recovery attempts, but there has been data I have been unable to recover. Many years of memories have been lost forever. ***Warning About “Cloud” Backup Services*** Many of these services […]

Recommended Software

Multimedia (Photos, Video & Audio) MakeMKV [Windows, Mac, Linux] – Free This program is free while in beta, which it has been quite some time. You just need to get a new key from their website once a month. You may quickly find this program worth purchasing at $50, especially since you do not need […]