Google YouTube Music Fuckery

I’ve slowly been losing faith in Google over the years and this feeling is accelerating. I don’t like to use profanity on my site, but the latest Google fuckery has me very angry. This happens to be Google Play Music being discontinued in favor of YouTube Music. When they first announced this I had my uploaded library migrated from Play Music to YouTube Music and was immediately underwhelmed. I will skip most of the reasons I prefer Play Music, except the fact that the move aims to screw customers from using many of the features. I used Play Music for music and podcasts and most importantly I used it in my car with Android Auto. It turns out you cannot play your uploaded music library with Android Auto without a paid plan. I only want to hear my uploaded music and not stream from Google’s library, so I must pay for this?

My next disappointed with Google’s new scam was when I tried to use YouTube music in my home gym. I use my phone, Google Chromecast Audio, and nice computer speakers to keep me entertained. Guess what? You must have a YouTube Music paid plan if you want to stream to a Chromecast Audio.

I’ve been ditching Google services and products over the years. No more Google Search, Gmail is now mostly for spam and advertisements, I deleted most of my data from Google, and I even purchased a OnePlus phone. I know, this is an Android phone, but I have had all Nexus and Pixel phones for many years. When I decided to start my smart home project, I decided to go with the Amazon Echo since I was already pissed at Google that long ago.

I decided to to replace YouTube Music with Plex since it supports a music library and will have what I want – my music. Plex works with Android Auto and I can play it in my gym from the computer speakers with the use of a cheap 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable. This is not as nice as wireless, but it works until I find a better solution. Oh yeah, I subscribed to Amazon Music because my daughter wanted to stream music from her Echo. I went with this because we were already in the Amazon ecosystem and there is no way I would subscribe to YouTube Music at this point.

I still had to find something for my podcasts so I am testing the free iHeartRADIO. I am quite pleased so far. I can open my podcasts on almost any device and pickup where I left off. There’s not much else to say since I am only using this for podcasts and KFI talk radio (so far).

I am so close to scrubbing every Google product possible, including the Google features in Android. I am going to test out using Alexa on my phone instead of the Google Assistant. That will likely be in a separate post if I find it worthwhile.

UPDATE 9/17/2020

I ordered this $22 Bluetooth receiver from Amazon so I don’t have to use cables. I use Bluetooth with my living room stereo receiver, so it should work fine for the home gym. It makes me feel good when I can replace a Google product, in this case the Chromecast Audio!

UPDATE 12/23/2020

I guess Google saw the error of their ways or fixed the bug, but YouTube Music is now working again in Android Auto and with the Chromecast Audio. I think I will just stick with Plexamp!

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