Lowe’s is Killing Iris

I went to log into my Iris control panel this morning and got this message…

2019-02-01 09_55_25-Iris by Lowe's

Wait, I just bought my system in July of 2018 for close to $500. I thought that I would be getting most of that back since the system was six months old. I eagerly logged in and got a message that some equipment would be refunded via a Visa gift card. The refund process said some devices were not being refunded because they will work with other smart home products, such as SmartThings.

I was furious. Only receiving only $200 out of $500 spent on a product about six months ago was not acceptable. I had researched the Ring security system some time ago out of curiosity since I like their products. I knew that was the system I wanted to replace Iris. Of course the Iris sensors not being refunded were not compatible with Ring. That means I will indeed be out close to $300!

Some people might say I am being stubborn and to go with SmartThings since my Iris equipment would be compatible. SmartThings uses ADT security for their home security solution, which costs $24.99 for their cheapest home security plan (not the cheaper smoke and carbon monoxide plan). Ring is $100 a year for monitoring or $10 per month if paid monthly. I also prefer Ring since it is owned by Amazon. I was wrong about Lowe’s standing behind their product, but I can see Amazon standing behind Ring a lot longer. Ring also has great cameras and the cloud recording is included for all cameras at a residence with the $100 per year monitoring fee. I also have Amazon Echos all over my house and I can use them with my Ring security system. I’m sure Amazon and Ring will be integrating other features as time goes on, such as the upcoming ability for the Echo to detect glass breakage. There are so many reasons for me (and anyone else) to go with Ring over SmartThings.

I contacted Lowe’s customer support with my complaints, especially with getting a Visa gift card. I would prefer a check. I also explained how recently I purchased my equipment and such a little refund was not fair. Their stood their ground and basically told me that’s how it will be.

UPDATE 2/8/2019

I filed a complaint with the BBB and I was contacted by Lowe’s customer service. I was basically told they have partnered with SmartThings and nothing further would be done for me. They took the money and ran. Sure, they refunded some, but let’s look at how this appears. They sell $500 worth of product and refund $200. Maybe the product sold cost them $100, but they still profit $200. There were also a lot of people that spent a lot more than I did. Not a bad scam if you’re an unethical company.

I will be shopping at Home Depot for my home improvement products from now on. I encourage everyone else to avoid Lowe’s unless absolutely necessary.

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