Dahua Surveillance Camera Wall Mounts

dahuaI have been upgrading some of my surveillance cameras and modifying how I have them mounted. I had a few dome cameras mounted on directly on walls, which makes it a little difficult to get the view I would like. I decided to give Dahua wall mounts a try, even if I didn’t have any Dahua cameras (yet). I had some Amcrest cameras and noticed the Amcrest mounts looked identical to Dahua mounts, but the Amcrest were more expensive.

I am very pleased with the sturdy build of these mounts. The aluminum is quite thick, which I discovered when drilling holes for a camera that was not compatible. Self-tapping screws felt secure and I didn’t end up stripping the aluminum. The mounts are also a bit bigger than I expected, without being overly large. I like the size since it somewhat protects the camera from the elements (mostly extreme sun and heat in my case). The white finish seems durable, but only time will tell.

I had luck getting a couple Amcrest cameras paired up with compatible Dahua mounts, but it is easy to drill holes to make any camera work (as long as the camera is capable of mounting through the bottom of the housing – my JideTech PTZ camera is an example of the type of camera that could not be mounted from the inside). I found that a 3/32″ drill bit and #6 x 1/2″ self-tapping screws worked great.

exampleplugWhat I really like about using these mounts is that there is enough room to bundle the ethernet from the camera inside. This means you can drill a smaller hole in the wall – just big enough for the ethernet cable itself. You can put a jack on the cable once pulled through the wall. I had previously drilled some rather large holes in my stucco exterior walls to get the large plug from the camera through the wall. I wish I would have found Dahua wall mounts sooner.

51t5usbew3l._sl1000_Another thing I like about the Dahua mount is how easy it is to install. You mount a bracket to the wall with two or four screws (I only use two), place the mount on the bracket, and then tighten a screw that locks it in place. One of the most simple installs I’ve done in a while.

These mounts are marketed as water proof, which they surely look to be, however, I still like using a little silicone where the mount meets the wall. I don’t want water running down the wall and then going behind this bracket and then in the hole in the wall.

At $20 or less on Amazon, I highly these mounts.

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