Handbrake – Transcode Specific Chapters

If you have a video and you want to transcode (convert) only specific chapters, this is how. An example of this would be where a television series has multiple episodes in one giant file when ripped from a Blu-ray. Instead of editing a huge file and trying to get it right, just figure out the chapters you want. I’m using Handbrake nightly for this example, but the stable version should be the same.

  • Load the video file in Handbrake and select your settings (preset, formats, etc.).
  • Go to the Chapters tab in Handbrake (1).
  • Looking at the chapters (2) may be enough to figure out what you want. Chapter 7 in my example is the credits. It is not visible, but this 40 second chapter repeats in later chapters. Another option would be to research if others had to break up files like you are intending.
  • Go to Range (3) and select the chapters to be transcoded. You can Add to Queue and then create additional encodes from the same file.
  • Select your destination and start the transcoding.

2018-12-01 13_37_22-HandBrake

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