Google Music/Android Auto: Use the Proper Command to Play Uploaded Music

About a year ago, I finally got a car with Android Auto and it was miraculous. No need to look at or touch my phone – everything was just an “Okay Google” away. I have a lot of music uploaded to Google Music and I have no desire to use music subscription services. I loved to say, “Okay Google, play DePeche Mode” (or whatever band or song I wanted to hear) and it accessed my uploaded music. Then one day this suddenly stopped working. Instead of hearing what I had asked for, I kept getting a response saying something like, “Sure, check out this radio mix on Google Play Music.” The radio mix was similar genre music, but never seemed to include the artist I actually wanted to hear. Was Google messing with me?

I searched the web for a solution (using Google), submitted feedback to Google, and even upgraded my phone. Months went by and no solution was found. I was languishing in the world of FM radio, which my daughter continually switched from station to station. I wanted to throw my phone out the window, get an iPhone, and use Apple CarPlay. I finally got on the Google Play Store and gave Android Auto a mediocre review and expressed my frustration about the music issue. A day or so later, I received an email from a Google engineer asking me to post my issue on the support forum. I posted this issue with a dose of sarcasm, but a few minutes later I received a response from Kevin on the Android Auto team. Kevin said to do the following:

“Adding “from library” or “from my library” to your request should let the Google Assistant (and Google Play Music) know that you’re asking for your personal content.”

I was not in my car, but immediately tried saying, “Okay Google, play DePeche Mode from my library” and it worked! Google Music fired up and played New Life from the album Speak & Spell, which was from my uploaded music collection. I next rushed to the car, started Android Auto, used the “from my library” command, and it worked properly!

I recoiled at the thought of even considering an iPhone and CarPlay and all is now as it should be!

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