CCleaner Privacy Issue

I like CCleaner and highly recommend it, however, I recently saw these check boxes that were checked by default:

I really did not like the first check box, nor was I too pleased with the other two. I unchecked them since I use this program to remove junk and for privacy. I don’t trust anonymized data too much these days.

I purchased CCleaner to support the company so I don’t want my information monetized.

What you do is up to you, but I recommend doing the same if you care about privacy.

One thought on “CCleaner Privacy Issue

  1. Just a little observation… CCleaner is of course proprietary software, so we have no way of knowing whether checking the “don’t spy on me” buttons really stops it spying on you – or whether it’s just a dummy button to make you feel safe while it does what it wants anyway.

    Suitable alternatives that respect the user would include BleachBit (various platforms) and Sweeper (integrated into the KDE desktop on Unix-like systems).


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