Solo: A Star Wars Story (Not So SJW)

This review is different from most content on this site because it is my opinion of the political and social justice warrior propaganda in media. I avoid politics on this site, but I hate when it fouls my beloved Star Wars! Be warned, there are spoilers way down in the post.

Before I saw Solo: A Star Wars Story I saw a lot of articles criticizing it. In order to avoid the possibility of reading a major spoiler like I did with The Force Awakens, I did not read any articles. These articles had me worried all the way until I was actually watching the movie, which was awesome by the way!

I have a theory why there were several articles bashing the movie, not enough social justice warrior propaganda. It seems movies must have a message that appeals to the side of the aisle that has the majority in written publications. Let’s use The Last Jedi for example. Two rebel characters go to a vial planet with a bunch of rich people (clutch your pearls). They’re rich so they must be bad. Opulence is obviously a sign of evil and harming others, correct? Economic inequality shouldn’t exist and we should take away the money from rich and give it to the poor like Robin Hood, correct? NO! I’m not rich, but if someone is does not mean I have been harmed. I’m no sociologist, but I think this social justice warrior viewpoint may come from jealousy or a misguided intent. I think this viewpoint is also used by political parties to rally voters that are convinced they have been wronged by “the rich.” If someone is rich, whatever that standard is, they should not be reviled unless they have been proved to [actually] harmed others. Let’s address what this really is, a push for socialism.

Now let’s discuss Solo, which I thoroughly enjoyed! The movie balanced action with establishing Han Solo’s origin story. I was very apprehensive about seeing anyone else play Han Solo, my favorite character in the franchise (up there with Darth Vader). Alden Ehrenreich eventually had me seeing him as Han Solo, perhaps when he started bantering with Chewbacca. Then there was Donald Glover, who was Lando Calrissian through and through. Excellent job on his part. I even liked Woody Harrelson’s performance, and I generally don’t care for him unless it is a comedy.

There was one part of the movie that creeped toward what someone may consider a social justice message about slavery or inequality, but I think it was so well balanced it could just be entertainment. There was a plant where fuel was produced and the workers were slaves, mostly robots. Lando Calrissian’s robot often made comments about the inequality of robot rights and thoroughly enjoyed freeing the robots (and some enslaved Wookiees).

This last part leads me back to my criticism of leftism being injected into media. I saw more than one article with titles addressing Lando Calrissian being pansexual. WTF? I had to look that up since I had no idea what it meant. I didn’t know if it a literal definition or something I would need to check with Urban Dictionary. Why was this even a topic of an article? Why would a Star Wars character’s sexual preference matter in any way whatsoever? This is Star Wars for God’s sake. This focus on sexual preference goes back to The Force Awakens where there were several articles speculating Poe Dameron was gay. Who the *%#! cares? Apparently it is important to the far left liberals.

By now, you should have been able to figure out I am conservative, but I tend to gravitate to toward the center. I don’t care about someone’s sexual preference in any way whatsoever and I don’t want it overly focused on in a Star Wars movie. If there is a gay character, they should get the same amount of focus as a heterosexual character. I also believe Star Wars movies should continue with the traits of the original, politically neutral, and best, Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977). I don’t want highly emphasized messages about the rich being bad or social inequality. These should not be SJW movies!

Spoilers below!

Back to Solo… If you remember, George Lucas made some changes to the original Star Wars trilogy when released on Blu-ray. He added special effects and changed the cantina scene with the bounty hunter Greedo where Han shot first! Lucas made Greedo shoot first and miss Solo at three feet. Solo apparently returns fire in self defense – making him less of a scoundrel. Lucas must not have realized that people actually liked Solo being a scoundrel with a good side he would prefer to hide. I was worried that in Solo, Han would be made to be the guy that shot second… There is a great scene where Beckett (Woody Harrelson’s character) and Solo are in a bit of a standoff. As Beckett is talking and the camera is on him there is a laser blast to his chest. This caught me by surprise and I realized, Solo shot first! Yes, Beckett was fingering the trigger of his blaster he was holding down to his side, but I still did expect this to happen. I thought for sure that Beckett would shoot and miss with Solo returning fire. I would like to thank Ron Howard for making sure Solo was returned to the scoundrel status we have loved for 41 years.

There are articles saying Alden Ehrenreich let it slip that he signed up for three Solo movies. I really hope this is true because I really look forward to seeing Solo as the scoundrel smuggling cargo. I especially want to see what the heck is going on with Darth Maul. That totally caught me by surprise and I had been talking about Darth Maul just prior to seeing the movie. I was saying how unfair it was Darth Maul is killed in the first movie he appeared, yet Jar Jar Binks makes it through three movies intact. Me so disappointed.

To sum it up, I thought Solo: A Star Wars Story was very good and quite enjoyable. I felt like it delivered on my high expectations, and this has not happened with several sequels or spinoffs (Prometheus for example).

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