Synology + iSCSI + PC + Backblaze

I need to backup a lot of data, and frankly, I am not willing to pay what it costs. Amazon Cloud Drive killed their unlimited plan and I needed a new solution. I happened to have an older Synology 1813+ not being used so I filled it with old drives and configured it as an iSCSI LUN. I next purchased Backblaze Unlimited Backup meant for personal use and installed it on a computer that is always on (Plex server and surveillance NVR). I then connected this computer to the LUN, which is a seen as a local drive and therefore will be backed up by Backblaze (Backblaze will not backup network drives). I now backup all essential data to this computer (and really to the LUN on the NAS) and it gets backed up to Backblaze.

I am backing up less than 9TB to Backblaze so I do not feel too guilty. I had close to 30TB uploaded to Amazon, but unfortunately I do not have enough room on the Synology for that amount of data. I now have to be selective, so at least I have photos, documents, music, and some MP4 movies backed up. I previously had hundreds of MKV files backed up. Those will have to just rely on RAID for redundancy (for now).

I wish there was an easier solution or something that would not cost a fortune every year. I considered putting larger drives in the 1813+ and then keeping it at someone else’s house or at work. I am not totally comfortable with this idea, nor do I want to spend the money on a bunch of new NAS quality drives (WD Red or Seagate IronWolf). Even shucking WD drives would still be expensive.

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