Microsoft Outlook 2013 Email Headers

This may also work for different versions of Outlook.

  • Open the desired message in a separate window by double clicking on it.
  • Once the message has been opened, select File at the upper left.sshot-2015-02-25-08-37-27
  • Select on Propertiessshot-2015-02-25-08-39-28
  • You may now view the header information in the Internet headers box. I recommend highlighting and copying all the information and pasting it to a notepad document view easier viewing.sshot-2015-02-25-08-41-24
  • To copy the header: click on the text, select Ctrl+A to select all the text, Ctrl+C to copy the text, open a text document, and then select Ctrl+V to paste the copied text into the text document).
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